Install TWRP and Root Samsung Galaxy V (SM-G313V Root and Install TWRP)

Root Root Samsung

Galaxy A8+ owners now you can easily Install TWRP and Root Samsung Galaxy V (SM-G313V Root and Install TWRP). If you are the owner of Samsung Galaxy V and want to root your Android device, then you are here in the right place as We were given a tutorial below to root Samsung Galaxy A8+. To root Samsung Galaxy V G313V only you have to download some files and need a working Computer and a working Micro SD Card. and follow this method carefully to successfully Install TWRP and Root Samsung Galaxy V G313V. follow this guide to successfully root Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313V.

Samsung V G313F Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A8+ is a latest Android smartphone, which comes with a “6.0” inches Super AMOLED display and powered by Octa-core processor 2.2 GHz with 4 and 6 GB RAM and 64GB of ROM and it runs on Android 7.1.1 OS

Just follow the below tutorial here, to root your Samsung Galaxy A8+ by flashing TWRP recovery in it. Once you have gained root access on your A8+, then you will be able to install custom ROM, custom-built applications, and Custom Modules, etc.

First, we have to Know

What is Root

The root is a process that unlocks lock to your android devices, by install any custom binary in your Samsung smartphone, and get a superuser permission access you can do any customization on your Android devices also you can access more locked features of your android. But make sure that rooting will void your device warranty, We all know android is an Open Source OS, that’s means Android gives us the permission to customize their OS, but for security purpose, its comes with locked version,

So we need to root our Android devices to customize our Android, That’s mean Rooting is the key for unlocking our Android devices, Root is a Super User permission like in windows you have to accept “User Account Control” to run programs. Now everyone knows about how to Root Android Devices and he or she wants to root his or her Android phones but sometimes they failed to root their Android smartphone, So we are here to help you how to Install TWRP and Root Samsung Galaxy V (SM-G313V Root and Install TWRP) with PC.


What is Custom Recovery

Custom Recovery is a recovery that’s help you flash the Custom ROM’s, Custom Modules, Custom Scripts, from the Stock Android Recovery you cannot flash the Custom Roms, Custom Files, Customs Module, that’s why we need to flash the custom recovery to our Android Phones, Custom recovery is always better for customization our Android Phones,

Now there on internet too many custom recoveries are available for our Android, Custom Recoveries like TWRP [Team Win Recovery Project], CWM [Clock Work Mod], PhilZ recovery, CTR[Carliv Touch Recovery], COT[Cannibel Open Touch], etc, Flashing and Back UP system, Flashing Custom Roms, Custom  Modules, overwrites system recovery environment, CWM and TWRP is the most popular recoveries.


Advantages of Installing Custom Recovery

Installing Custom Recovery can root your android devices easily.

Flashing Custom Recovery install any custom zip files very easily.

Installing Custom Recovery allows installing any latest  Custom files, Custom ROM files and Custom firmware in android device.

Flashing Custom Recovery allows the user to re-partition the sdcard.

Installing Custom Recovery allows the user to control  Mounts and unmounts the Storage of your Android devices.


Disadvantages of Installing Custom Recovery

-Custom Recovery has many advantages and also has little disadvantages, some of are given below

-Installing Custom recovery is a little bit risky process.

-If you do any wrong while flashing the custom recovery your device will dead or anything bad happened.


Pre-requirements Before Install TWRP and Root Samsung Galaxy V (SM-G313V Root and Install TWRP)

-A Working PC (Laptop)

-A USB Data Cable.

-Complete Root process to Samsung A8+ you need to enable USB Debugging mode Samsung Galaxy A8+ A730F.

-Download Samsung Galaxy V Root files.

-Download Samsung Galaxy V TWRP files.

-Samsung Galaxy V No verify Patch files.

-Download Odin tool latest for PC.

-Make sure your device battery is fully charged. or up to 70-80%.

-Download and Install Samsung USB Driver on your PC.

Before you started

-Before started, You need to take a backup of your all personal data, Rooting some times erase all your user data and applications, and also you will use this data to restore if your device gets stuck on logo or anything bad happened during root process.

-Next, Download Samsung Galaxy V USB Driver then install the USB driver to your Computer, Install the USB driver it will help you to detect the device to computer easily.

-Download the Root and Noverify file to your computer. then copy the Super_SU and Noverify file to your Micro SD card. then remove the MicroSD card.

How to Install TWRP and SM-G313V Root and Install TWRP

Download Samsung Galaxy V TWRP Recovery file

 Samsung Galaxy V Root file

Download Samsung Galaxy V G313F No Verify Patch file

All Files here:- Install TWRP and Root Samsung Galaxy V

Enable USB Debugging mode Samsung Galaxy V 

-First, open settings menu to your device.

-Then godown to “About Device”

-After that, tap on “Software Information”.

-Then tap on build number “7-10” times continuously.

-After that, go back to the “settings” main menu by tapping back key.

-Now there you can see “Developer Option”.

-After that, Go down and enable “USB Debugging” and also enable “OEM Unlocking” mode.

-Then go to your computer. follow the next method.

Congrats, now you have successfully enabled USB debugging and OEM to SM-G313V Root and Install TWRP,

How to Install TWRP Recovery Samsung Galaxy V G313F

-Download Odin tool and Recovery files first.

-Once Downloading finished, open the downloaded folder.

-Then extract the downloaded files. using 7zip


-Open the extracted “Odin Flash tool” folder.

-Then, find and Run the “Odin_tool.exe”.

-Then click on the “AP” tab and give the file path of the extracted recovery file folder.

Now Put your device in Download Mode

-First, Remove Simcard from your device.

-After that, Power Off your device first.

-Now Put your device in Download Mode.

-Press and hold the (Volume Down + Home +  power) key together until you see the download mode warning screen on your device.

-After that, Press the “Volume UP” to confirm the download mode on your device.

-Now your device in “Download Mode”.

-After that, Now connect your device to Computer using a good USB Cable.

-Open the”Odin Tool”.

-After that,  in the Odin tool, you will see “Green” box and “ID: COM” port and in the log screen there you will see “Added” message.

-After that, click on “Start Button” to Install TWRP Samsung Galaxy A8+ A730F.

-Now, wait until finish the flashing.

-After the flashing finished.

-Congrats, now you have successfully completed 40% to Install TWRP and Root Samsung Galaxy V G313F, now you have only a few steps left to successfully SM-G313V Root and Install TWRP.

Put Samsung v in Recovery Mode

-Press & hold (Volume Up + Home + Power) key together until you see the “Teamwin” recovery logo Screen.

-After that, Release all the keys when you see “TWRP Logo” on your Device.

-Then wait for few times to enter the “TWRP Recovery Mode”.

-After that, there you will see “Swipe to more modifications”. (See Below image)

-Now, tap on “Wipe” from the TWRP recovery screen.

-There tap on “Format Data”.

-Then, type “Yes” from there.

-Now, wait for “Format Data” complete.

-Now, you have to insert the “Micro SD” card to your device.

-After the “SD” card inserted.

-Then go to the “Reboot” tab.

-After that, Then tap on “Reboot to recovery” tab. then tap on “Do not install”.

-Wait for reboot your device to recovery mode again.

-Once the reboot is done.

-Now we need to install Super Su file to SM-G313V Root.

-Congrats, now you have successfully Install TWRP Samsung Galaxy V,

-Now you need to SM-G313V Root and Install TWRP,

root Samsung Galaxy A8+ A730F

-Now tap on the “Install” tab from the “TWRP” Recovery menu.

-After that, tap on “up a level”.

-Then tap on “External_SDcard”.

-Then select the “No Verify”.

-Now Swipe to confirm the install “No Verify”. (See Below Image)

-Wait to finish the installation.

-Once installation finishes tap on the back button.

-After that, tap on the “”  then install the “”.

-Now Swipe to confirm the install “”.

-Wait to finish the installation.

-Wait to finish the installation, then tap on the “Wipe Cache/Dalvik”.

-Then tap on the “Reboot System”.

-Wait for reboot your device.

-Once reboot your device complete.

-Open the “menu” then check there “Super SU” application installed.

-done, SM-G313V Root.

Note:- If there”Super SU” applications not installed. go to the recovery menu and then follow the root process again.

-Congress, now you have successfully Install TWRP and Root Samsung Galaxy V.

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